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DiscPlayer's favorite Putter!And Alot of Others Too!
There is nothing like sharing the enthusiasm for what you do well, and what equipment you do it with.
They are a little stable out of the box, given use they get really smooth on your approaches and putts.
DiscPLayer Logo in Red Only.
White disc only. The KC--Innova Logo can be any color.
Choose either look. The KC--Innova Logo is cleverly removed.

When ordering discs, it is impossible to have every weight and every style available.
You will be given a choice and a range of weights to choose from.
They are not guaranteed to make you play better. That is up to you!
But the weights will be as close as possible.
You will be e-mailed different choices if your original choice is not available.Thank you.

DiscPlayer (KC) Pro Aviar
Price $12.99
With KC Innova Logo
DiscPlayer Logo Only

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